Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very personal decision and will be different for everyone. There is no set rule. Some people will be ready to discuss their ideas immediately and others will need more time. The right time is when you are ready to make this decision and feel comfortable discussing your ideas.
When selecting a monument company, you should consider how long they have been in business, if they have a full memorial display, how comfortable and confident you are with their staff, the quality of their craftsmanship, and the written guarantee they offer with their granites. We are a well established company that has served families with their memorial needs for a very long time. Our showroom has a full memorial display so you can see the size, shape, and colors of granites. Our memorial counselors are knowledgeable, professional and caring. We take the time to listen to you and your family to find what is most important. We have a local sandblast facility that is operated by a master engraver and we specialize in memorials. From our free design service to completion of your memorial in the cemetery, we guarantee your satisfaction.
The length of time it takes to complete a memorial can vary. There are several factors to be considered such as the shape of the memorial, the granite selected, the design work and the time of year. All of these can affect the production process. Very specialized and custom memorials can take up to 6 months while more standard memorials are completed within 60 days. However, installation of the memorial depends upon the weather and the cemetery foundation.
Most cemeteries require that our setting crew install your memorial. However, in some instances, the memorial will be delivered to the cemetery and their personnel will be responsible for the installation. All cemeteries require that some form of a foundation be poured for the memorial. Once the foundation is in place, the memorial can be installed.
All the lettering and standard design work on the front of the memorial are included in the cost. However, hand or laser etchings, cameo tiles, religious sculptures, and lettering on the back of the memorial will be an additional cost and vary depending on the size and complexity of the design.
Yes! Today, more families are making all their arrangements ahead of time. The decisions can be made in advance without any additional stress placed on the family at the time of death. In addition, you are able to make all of your own decisions regarding the shape, granite, and design of your memorial.
Today, more than ever, families see cremation as a dignified alternative to a traditional burial. See our available cremation options.
There are several very significant factors that determine the cost of a memorial. The color, quality of granite, size, shape, finish, and level of craftsmanship all determine the cost. It is always helpful to speak with one of our memorial counselors to design a very personalized memorial within your budget. We promise you the best granite, the best workmanship, and the best price…guaranteed.
Memorials are usually made from granite, marble or bronze. Of these, granite is the most often used and most durable. Most cemeteries allow families the freedom to choose whichever material they like. However, there are some cemeteries that only allow bronze markers.
You should always ask what type of guarantee is offered before selecting your memorial. Be sure to ask for the guarantee in writing before making any decisions. All of our memorials are inspected under the strictest of quality standards. We will provide you with a full written, and perpetual warranty that will guarantee your memorial will last for future generations. In addition, we have a vandalism warranty for your peace of mind.